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"Concord Building Services is a rock solid subcontractor. Tim Winslow's calm, professional approach to managing his company assures us that CBS will perform their work on schedule and on budget. Tim's crews work safely and cooperatively and, on the rare occasion when there is an issue, Concord Building Services always steps up and deals with the matter at hand efficiently. In our opinion, Concord Building Services is a gold-plated company."
- G. Steven Ingram, Estimator, Ingram Construction Corporation

"I've used Concord Building Services on many projects. They are easy to work with and they honor their commitments. Tim and his crew always work with us to make sure we stay on schedule. They are safe, timely, and efficient."
- Rob Secinaro, Project Manager, Jewett Construction Co., Inc

"Working with Concord Building Services has been successful; they perform the work required and always work safe on our job sites with professional team members"
- Steve Harris, Sr. Project Manager, Jewett Construction Co., Inc

"Concord Building Services has provided us with continued reliable demolition and abatement on a number of projects. Tim and his crews have managed to meet our schedules and our expectations. I have always found them to be professional and reasonable to work with while providing competitive price points."
- Brian Baroody, Project Manager, Eckman Construction

"Over the years North Brach Construction has worked with Concord Building Services on a number of successful projects, and they have always completed their work on time and on budget."
- Joe Campbell, Vice President/Project Manager, North Branch Construction, Inc.


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