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Our Blog



August 24th, 2021

Concord Building Services, Inc. has been hired to excavate 3ft of soil in a Concord, NH barn to create additional head room. Due to tough access, and to avoid carrying this debris by hand, we decided to install a mini conveyor belt system for a much more efficient process!

Jobs will always run smoother when safe and efficient practices are put into place.


April 30th, 2021

Are you looking to purchase a home or commercial space? Already have one? Did you know 9 X 9 vinyl tiles are notorious asbestos-containing materials? Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has proven to be a carcinogen. When small particles of asbestos are inhaled, they can wreak havoc on the lungs and cause diseases like Mesothelioma.

If you have tiles like these in your space, call a professional for safe removal. Concord Building Services is a trusted abatement contractor in NH, and offers free estimates for lead & asbestos abatement.


April 23rd 2021

Dave Bousquet, our warehouse manager, has been with CBS for 14 years, and is an integral part of our operation.

Dave began as a laborer, and through hard work and determination worked his way up to becoming a field supervisor, over-seeing projects and leading a team. As shop manager, he ensures that our crews have all the necessary tools and equipment for their next job. His favorite part of the job, is using his mechanical and organizational skills to make sure the shop is in tip-top shape.

Dave is a strong asset to our team and we appreciate his hard work!


April 13th 2021

We're thrilled to announce our annual food drive has been scheduled May 31st - June 6th. Contactless donations can be dropped in our box truck. Each donation can be submitted into our raffle. This event is sponsored by some of our favorite local businesses including The Smoothie Bus and Smokeshow BBQ. All proceeds go to the NH Food Bank. For more information, visit

To inquire about sponsorship, please call us at 603-969-3359


March 5th 2021

We are excited to announce that Concord Building Services welcomes new clients to collaborate in Spring of 2021. We value our relationships with our Clients and are always looking to expand our circle of practice.

Here’s a sneak-peek at what’s to come!

Naylor & Breen signs with CBSI to preform interior demolition of a 3000 SF+ residence in VT. Including removal of all flooring finishes, ceilings and a complete gut of the kitchen and bathrooms.

We are partnering with a national hardware company to execute extensive slab removal and replacement as well as removal of racking and conveyor systems in their 750,000 SF Distribution Center.

PM Construction signs with CBSI to take part in the renovation of a seacoast grocery store involving slab cutting, coring foundations and soil excavation for new plumbing. Select removal of refrigerated cases and coolers is also part of this challenging project to be done in an open and occupied store.

Chapman Construction hires CBSI to preform selective demolition for a NH aero space company. CBSI will remove existing walls, floors, ceilings and mechanical systems to accommodate the everchanging needs of a large company.

We are looking forward to partnering with these new teams as we tackle some HUGE projects!

Welcome to the CBSI family!


February 26th 2021

Concord Building Services, Inc. (CBSI) has recently completed a major mill renovation / restoration for long-time Client, Eckman Construction. The former shoe factory located on Willow Street in Manchester, NH has been converted into Loft-Style Luxury Apartments by Manchester based Pinwheel Properties.

CBSI’s contracted work was estimated at nearly $1,000,000.00 and is an excellent example of the diversified services we provide to our valued Clients. Our work included the interior demolition and complete gut out of all four stories and the basement areas (approximately 180,000SF of space) of the former manufacturing facility.

The environmental portion of the work involved asbestos abatement, including the removal and proper disposal of all the exterior windows (over 400 windows), and sandblasting of the interior surfaces of all brick masonry walls and all wood decks, beams and columns. CBSI also fabricated and installed temporary infills for the removed windows for weather protection.

CBSI completely demolished the former boiler house and 3-4 story out buildings at the rear of the property, removing portions of the granite foundations and concrete slabs. We also demolished a single story addition at the north end of the site (the former Bike Barn).

Extensive saw-cutting, slab removal, excavation and backfill throughout the basement area was required as part of our work to facilitate new plumbing systems. CBSI also provided precision wall sawing and demolition of new openings in brick masonry walls for new egress points.

All generated debris was segregated into appropriate waste streams and efficiently removed from the site for proper disposal. Nearly 100 containers of demolition debris were generated throughout the project duration.

We’re proud to have been an integral part of this important project clearing the way for all the other trades to complete their work safely, which truly highlights some of our key areas of expertise.

We are confident that this repurposed property and the beautiful apartments (now being leased) will be a huge success and we truly appreciate the opportunity to be part of this revitalization project.


February 10th 2021

Concord Building Services, Inc. completes field work for a Phase II Geotechnical Investigation as part of it’s design and permitting process for a major manufacturing facility expansion in Ayer Massachusetts. Wetland surveys have been completed and this round of field work involved survey of selected locations for soil investigation, identification of underground utilities, drilling borings, excavating test pits and survey of an existing retention pond. Borings were advanced to approximate 30’ depth to classify the soil types and structural bearing capacities as they relate to the ongoing structural designs, a series of test pits were excavated to approximate 10’ depth to further classify the soils as they relate to storm water management systems and to identify the seasonal water table and the frozen retention pond was surveyed via flat bottom work boats to determine depth and underlying silt composition. All of this round of field work was completed in 2 weeks during harsh winter weather and final reports are in process.